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Company Profile

Future Stars was created to help students reach their full potential in academics and athletics. The organization supports students with mentoring, financial awareness, training, and school-related resources that are often stumbling block for school advancement.The organization primarily serves underprivileged students who have been identified by school officials as inner city and those students who have a desire to learn computer technology and/or a desire to play intercollegiate sports.Qualifying students will receive an Educational/Individual Life Plan (EILP) that will be specifically created to meet their needs.  A mentor will work with the student on a regular basis to ensure that realistic goals are set and met within the scheduled time frame. Ultimately, each student will achieve visible improve academically and/or athletically up to and beyond college enrollment.  This program differs from others because the dedicated staff members who work with the students use the strengths-based model of encouragement and consistency.

Board of Directors


Founded: 2008

Owner: Shereka Jackson


Areas of expertise: 
STEM, Academics, Athletics & Mentorship

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